Privacy statement

Last updated: July 2017

In this privacy statement, "you" refers to the member or user and "TheWebsite ", "we" or "us" refers to Menpac or Cigarbull and it's operator. TheWebsite and associated mobile applications are owned and operated wholly by Ursus SE bv based in Amsterdam.
We valuye your privacy as it was our own.
You understand that any information that you upload to TheWebsite will be used to show to other members either through your profile, the wall or any other pages that are part of TheWebsite
Messages that you exchange in a private chat will only be shown in the private chat between you and the other member you are chatting with
Due to dutch laws when you delete information from the website it will not be removed but marked as deleted. This means that it will not be shown in any part of the website to other members but it is still stored in the TheWebsite database.
Any information that you upload to TheWebsite will be handed over to the Dutch authorities if they place a legal request for it
TheWebsite will not sell or use your information for other pruposses then to show it on one of the pages of TheWebsite