Last updated: July 2017


By accepting these terms and conditions you are entering into a legally binding contract. It is therefore important that you read these terms and conditions carefully.
In these terms and conditions, "you" refers to the member or user and "TheWebsite ", "we" or "us" refers to Menpac or Cigarbull and it's operator. TheWebsite and associated mobile applications are owned and operated wholly by Ursus SE bv based in Amsterdam.
If you do not agree to any part of these terms, or if any content of TheWebsite is illegal in the territory where you currently reside, then please do not proceed or attempt to access TheWebsite.


Headings do not form part of these terms and conditions and will not affect their interpretation.
In respect of TheWebsite, you should be aware that these terms apply equally irrespective of whether the products or services are accessed via a desktop browser, mobile browser, mobile phone, tablet device, or any other digital device.

User age warranty & adult content warning

TheWebsite is for adults aged 18 years of age or older. Persons under 18 years, pretending to be over 18 years or individuals soliciting persons under 18 years will be removed from TheWebsite and further use will be blocked.

The content of TheWebsite may be of an explicit gay nature and contain sexual imagery and text.
You agree that this type of content does not cause you offence. We are not liable to remove content that causes you offence although we will do so if it is in breach of our own content policy or obscenity laws in the Netherlands.

Membership fees

Standard Membership is free. TheWebsite is (at the momnent) a free service, this could change in the future and then we will inform you and change our Terms and Conditions accordingly. At this moment When you sign up, you sign up for a free service (standard membership). There will always be a free membership option avaliable.


TheWebsite is (at the momnent) a completely free service. We may or may not add payed services in the future and will inform you in advance if we choose to do so. These payed services will be part of a plus membership and will have no effect to your standard emmbership.

Customize and terminate our Services

We are constantly updating and improving our Services. We can add or remove features or features. We can also restrict or even suspend a Service. You may cancel your use of our Services at any time, but we would be sorry if you leave us. TheWbsite may also terminate or discontinue the provision of Services to you or add new restrictions to or set up for our Services. We believe that your data is your property and that maintaining your access to such data is important. If we stop a Service, we will provide you with reasonable advance notice and the ability to delete information from that Service.

Liability for our Services

TheWebsite AND TheWebsite's suppliers and distributors are not responsible for loss of income , revenue or data, financial loss or indirect, special, moral or punitive damages or consequential damages. To the extend permitted by law, TheWebsite's total liability and its suppliers and distributors for a claim under these conditions, included any implied warranty, shall be limited to the ammount you have payed for use of the services(or, as we have before that choose, agree to provide the services to you). In all case, TheWebsite and its suppliers and distributors shall not be liable for losses or damages.

Business use of our Services

You are not permitted to use our services for any form of commercial use.

About these Terms

We may, for example, modify these terms, or any additional terms that apply to a Service, to reflect changes to the law or changes in our Services. You must review these terms on a regular basis. We post changes to these terms and conditions on this page. Changes are not applied retrospectively and will not take effect before fourteen days after they have been posted. However, changes due to new features for a Service or changes made for legal reasons will be effective immediately. If you do not agree to the Terms and conditions you must terminate your use of TheWebsite. These terms govern the relationship between TheWebsite and you. The conditions can not be derived from third-party rights. Failure to comply with these terms and we do not take immediate action does not mean we waive any rights we hold (such as the right to take action in the future). If it appears that a given condition is not enforceable, this will not affect the other terms. To the extent permitted by law, the law of the Kingdom of the Netehrlands applies to all disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms or Services, all legal matters relating to Claims arising out of or in connection with these Terms, or the Services are exclusively conducted in the courts of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and you and TheWebsite agree with the jurisdiction of those courts.